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Banner Years

Competition History 

              The institute, in creating chapters early in its existence, assumed an obligation to utilize all appropriate means for assisting those chapters in fulfilling their responsibilities and achieving their goals.  This assistance in the early years was accomplished through memoranda, correspondence and other communications.  A system was developed early for periodic payments to chapter treasuries based on their membership.

              An annual competition among chapters was inaugurated in 1924 at the suggestion of Charles R. Stevenson, who donated a trophy to be awarded the winner.  The following year, a system of payments to chapters was incorporated in the competition.  Various other trophies and awards have been introduced through the ensuing years to provide additional recognition for high performance and excellence of operations.

Four Major Objectives

1.      Planning of chapter activities by officers and directors in the late spring and early summer.

2.      Establishing standards of good performance through a constant appraisal of point values and balance of activities in the competition by the Committee on Member Services.

3.      Measuring actual performance against the standards as evidenced in the reporting of activities and point awards reflected in the monthly standings in the competition.

4.      Awarding incentives such as trophies, banners and awards for excellence in planning, performance and reporting of chapter activities.
Stevenson Division Banner Years





1950-1951#19Morgan F. Hundley
1951-1952#8T. Fletcher Ellis
1953-1954#5John F. Gaither
1955-1956#16 Russell T. Hughes
1958-1959#19 Phil Reitz, Jr.
1961-1962#18John T. Haddan
1968-1969#9Lowell A. Goodson
1969-1970#14Miller F. Hughes
1973-1974#17Leonard E. Keller
1974-1975#26Allen B. Bess
1975-1976#24James G. Hummel
1977-1978#26James Roach
1994-1995#5Linda Stocks
1995-1996#1William Holland
1996-1997#1Michael Farquharson
1997-1998#4Mark Tweedall
1998-1999#15Staci Armstrong
1999-2000#22Sue Farquharson

Martha Alle 

2001-2002#13 Carole Whitlock
2002-2003#14Rebecca Alcorn

Martha McClain


Brian Gillis


Tania Herke


David Breedy


Todd Wahl


Jo Burke

 2013-2014 #1 Amy Mings
 2014-2015 #12 Dennis Guthery